I'm super excited to be starting up a blog for North + Nature Photography. The focus of our blog will be sharing my travel experience as I venture around Canada with my camera in hand, showcasing our products, photography tips and featuring great Canadian shops and businesses.

First I will tell you how North and Nature came about. Back in 2009 I travelled to Victoria, BC to visit my sister and fell in love with the beauitful landscapes and scenery. With ym first camera, a Canon Powrshot, I took as many photos as I could. My passion for landscape photography only grew from there.

As I developed my skill- I travelled out to Jasper in 2011. My soul never left. I love all landscapes however mountain photography is by far my favorite. It wasn't until 2013 I took the leap and bought my first DSLR- a Canon Rebel.

After much convincing and encouragement, I began my own portrait photography business which was pretty successful. My passion though was with landscapes.

In September 2017we took a family trip out to Canmore. I looked through the shops for something very specific- a unique tote bag, pillow or mug with a nice photo of the Canadian Rockies. Although there were alot of amazing and beauitful products I couldn't find that right memento I was looking for. That is when my idea came to life- combine my photography and love of Canada with home decor and stationery.

I officially started North + Nature Photography right after our second trip to Canmore in June 2018. It began with wall art, and now we have a collection of mugs, pillows, bags and cards. Soon we will be adding in handmand wood pieces with beautiful Canadian scenery. 

We are excited to see where this journey and this company will take us- we are a family owned business and we hope to one day own several retail locations across the country.

Thank you to all of our customers, supporters, friends and family who are with us on this journey and who have helped make this possible.