Invite wilderness in.

🌲Free shipping on all prints, cards and bookmarks.

🌲We are currently working on a campaign that will help bring more awareness to eco-friendly living and why you should go green.

🌲Our cards and marketing materials are made of 100% recycled paper and are eco-conscious.

Welcome to North and Nature.

We love nature. We love the environment. That is why we are focusing on being as eco-conscious as possible and helping to protect the wilderness. Our products are inspired by wilderness and the great outdoors- from the Rocky Mountains to the vast prairies to sandy beaches. Invite wilderness in with our unique wall art, home decor, greeting cards and stationery. We have introduced our hand crafted home décor line- unique products made with care and quality by one of our shop owners who is a certified carpenter. 

With your purchase you are helping support our business and make it possible to bring in the beauty of nature and all she has to offer. All photographs are taken and edited by myself. In the near future we will be adding custom wood decor pieces handcrafted. 

Our focus is also to bring awareness to the benefits of eco-friendly living not only through our products but our brand- including our blog, email list(go to to opt in), and in the near future, working with benefits, charities and causes that directly help protect nature and promote green living.♻️

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